Lajos Csonto

Not yet enough

An exhibition of visual artist Lajos Csontó in the Menü Pont Gallery of Mũcsarnok

Not yet enough (Még nem elég)
The exhibition features a video installation which uses four projectors. They throw their images, producing a composite, on a ball hung in the middle of the room. Further small images are cast on the walls, with periodically flashing words that offer support for the film. The latter is a series of dissolving images, whose meanings balance on the borderline of the banal and the archetypical.

Not yet enough

“You’re groping uncertain in the dark, the lights flashing here and there disquiet you rather than show you the way.
There’s a pressing urge to end this hopeless situation, you want to flee, but you don’t know which way to go.
Try as you might, search as you will, there is nothing to be seen, you must look within and acknowledge all the images you’d rather not see yet.
One step follows another, just go…”
2005. February 3. - February 27.

Deep Hall

2005. January 25. - February 19.
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