Tradition reconsidered

The Derkovits Scholarship holders’ 2012 assessment exhibition in Ernst Museum

Curator: József Készman Named after Gyula Derkovits, this state scholarship has been the most important form of support that young artists could enjoy for over half a century, which, its initial ideological charge notwithstanding, has enabled them to work independently. With nearly 30 exhibitors offering a visual experience marked by a colourful combination of styles and genres, the exhibit provides a comprehensive overview of the interests of artists under 35, the artistic issues and phenomena they deal with and the influences they absorb.

Traditionally, it is Műcsarnok that stages the assessment exhibit – in Ernst Museum –, and hosts the meeting of the scholarship board. This year, 26 artists from three years present their work.

The display is complemented with the portraits of the exhibitors. The series was made by photographer Zaid Sethi, who lives in Hungary.
2012. April 5. - April 22.
2012. February 23. - April 29.
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