Exit Through the Gift Shop


Design and image-making:
Basky group, Botor, DirtyDan, Dorkja, DuplexGee, flow deco, Diktátor, Halr, infopapa, LEGYEN MINDEN SOKSZOR, Liberthi, Miss KK, Olaj, Oliver Arthur, Riez József, secco & freshko, void, Vokha The artist Bansky, though his true identity is unknown, needs no introduction, not even for those who are unfamiliar with the world of street art: the graffitist, famous for his distinctive stencilling technique, has by now become a well-known political activist throughout the world. The Bristol-based artist has good reasons to remain anonymous: though his works are world-famous, graffiti is still regarded as vandalism by authorities and is against the law. What is more, Bansky’s works are often highly critical of contemporary societies and governments, and they cannot only be found in the streets of Britain.

Bansky’s first “documentary” film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, which was also labelled as “the world’s first street art disaster movie” debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. (Among several other awards, it was nominated for Oscar and BAFTA awards in 2011.)

The film is going to be presented by Kunsthalle in a unique space, one made especially for this occasion by 17 Hungarian street artists and artist groups. The audience’s way to the screening will lead through spaces usually closed for the public: here several documentaries and pictures of Bansky’s art and street art in general will be exhibited. The event is open to the public until January 20th, 2013, and it will be accompanied by various programmes: lectures, screenings, and musical events.
The Hungarian edition of Bansky’s album Wall and Piece is also published for this occasion by Gabo Publishing House with the title A fal adja a másikat. The book is already available at Kunsthalle’s Art Box.

Entrance tickets: 300 HUF
(Redeemable at Art Box Kunsthalle.)

Exit Through the Gift Shop
American-British documentary, colour, with Hungarian subtitles, 87 min, 2010.
Directed by: Banksy
Produced by: Jaimie D’Cruz
Music: Roni Size
Characters: Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Thierry Guetta, Rhys Ifans, Space Invaderr

Sponsors: Ministry of Human Resources, Natioanl Cultural Fund, Shopp! Urban Art Gallery, Diego, Műcsarnok KLUB

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