On the shore

Curator: Gábor GULYÁS Can one have an experience more exciting than catching sight of the existential gift of time, the flow pervading each and every aspect of physical perception? Fathoming the undulation that imposes its laws on nature: this is precisely what Eszter Csurka’s new exhibition offers. The show – the title of which evokes Pilinszky’s classic poem from the volume Harmadnapon (On the Third Day) – is about the sea. It is about the incarnated sea that lies down on the beach.

Eszter Csurka (1969) is a vibrantly exciting, versatile representative of the contemporary Hungarian art scene. Though she is primarily known as a painter, she also created significant artworks as theatrical director, cameraman, photographer and performer in the past two decades. The main theme of her work is the body in constant motion: the human body. She often ventures to the very frontiers of this immense topic: her pictures put the laws of physics in a new perspective, they find new paths for the material, and eliminate the trivial boundaries of anatomy. Sometimes the flesh-bodies of her canvases transform into something dissimilar, as if we were in another dimension, in a different time and a different place. The centre of this universe is the heart, which may cast a shadow the same way as the sun. Csurka’s new show is an unconventional tour in this flowing shadow world – mostly following new works on the way.

Supported by: Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Fund
2013. May 25. - July 28.
2013. April 24.
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Guided Tour and LectureBy artist Sigalit Landau

2013. June 13. - September 15.
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