Painter and graphic artist Anna Bartoniek, who regularly exhibited between the two World Wars, though she has since fallen into oblivion, is the "guest" of Mária Geszler Garzuly, Munkácsy Prize-winning ceramic and porcelain artist, at her show at the Dorottya Galéria entitled NőI VONAL (Women Line). Already as a child, Mária Geszler Garzuly from a distance considered Anna Bartoniek, a reticent member of the older generation, and in a mature way, preserved her legacy in an appropriately artistic manner, undertaking to pass on its value and experience to today's audience. The sensitivity of the images that have been silk-screened onto the white porcelain (photographs of foliage and factories, family photos, impressions of human surroundings and ephemerality) is complemented by the dramatic, expressive power of the graphic works. This intimate survey serves as a bridge reaching between the past and the present.
2004. February 3. - February 28.

Gallery Dorottya

2004. February 1. - March 7.
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2004. March 2. - March 20.
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