Peintres, dessins - Paintings, drawings - Exhibition of Marianna Fekete

Most of the time I paint while I'm listening to contemporary music of a repetitive nature. The background music has an undeniable dynamic effect on me, and on my creativity.
The relationship between music and painting is the clearest of all, because we are brought into the play of rhythms, vibrations, different tonalities, elements of form and of matter which may refer to the creation of a structure within space.
As music evolves in time, and as I must work within two dimensions, and I must make choices in dividing the field of vision according to creative rhythms, which I find the most appropriate in that optimal moment.
But sometimes it is insufficient, and I am compelled to seek extensions in the form of diptychs and triptychs to improve the portrayal of the infinite continuity and movement, etc.
Marianna Fekete

The works of the artist, who lives in Paris, evolve from the relation of gestures, colours, pigments and forms, to surfaces, which neglect the illusion of space (and time). They invite the spectator to acces a landscape without the customary barriers and handrails. The painter's exhibition in the Dorottya Gallery takes place within the exhibition series of the French Institute, Budapest, entitled Hungarians in Paris.

Opening: Tuesday, 25 July 2006. at 6 p.m.

The exhibition has been realized with the kind support of the publisher of the connecting French-Hungarian catalogue, the French Institute, Budapest.
2006. July 25. - August 26.

Gallery Dorottya

2006. June 28. - August 6.
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2006. July 27. - October 1.
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