Éva Varga - Grass

Since the beginning of the ’90s, Éva Varga’s works have been focused on nature, in particular a tiny, hardly noticable but integral part of our environment, grass. Her art walked a straight path to get to this theme. The years-long observation of nature concentrated on ever smaller phenomena, only to arrive to the tiniest motions, the growth of grass, and finally to the only work on display at the exhibition in the Dorottya Gallery, a grass leaf of approximately 6 and a half meters. One can see the soft and light leaf of grass enlarged to absurdity, in monumental size, made of heavy and hard iron. Yet the work carries the features of natural grass as it exists in nature, tender and weightless, because the sculpture, touching the base only at two points, twisting round its horizontal longitudinal axis, gives the impression of floating above the base. However, what we see is more than a single leaf of grass. The work becomes a portrait of nature, condensing all its features into one single motif, with the intention of passing the artist’s conclusion onto the viewer: the principles can only come to life through the unique, the accidental. (after Dóra Romek)

opening on Tuesday, 16 November at 6 p.m.

On Thursday 25th November at 17.30 we organize a public discussion under the title “Garden Inside”, András Bán art critic will talk with the artist about Hungarian sculpture at present.
2004. November 16. - December 7.

Gallery Dorottya

2004. October 19. - November 14.
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