The Retrospective Exhibition of Erzsébet Bódis

The retrospective exhibition of Erzsébet Bódis is viewable parallel to Budapest, a city of Colours, Zsolnay architectural ceramics and István Medgyaszay - Architecture and Ornamentation.

Born in Kalotaszeg, Erzsébet Bódis graduated from the Institute of Fine- and Applied arts from the faculty of textile art. Afterwards she started to work as a carpit artist till 1986 in Transylvania and then she moved on to Hungary, Gödöllő.

During her activity in Transylvania the main motives of her art emerged such as the: 'Transilvanian carpet' design and its structure. Her activity was viewable to the public several times in Hungary and abroad as the founder of the Workshop for Applied Arts in Gödöllő.

The carpets from the 60s and 70scan be found in Transylvanian museums. During the exhibition carpets, carpet plans, aquarelles, and lent pieces can be seen as the colourful continuum of Erzsébet Bódis's activity.
2006. January 11. - February 19.

Ernst Museum

2006. January 10. - February 11.
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2006. February 2. - February 26.
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