Branches | Jenő Szervátiusz and Tibor Szervátiusz | Two sculptors, two generations

Opening: Tuesday, 26 July 2016 at 5 pm

Curator: Zoltán Rockenbauer

The exhibition will be opened by: Ferenc Temesi, writer

Mr. Tibor Szervátiusz, being 86 at the very day of the opening ceremony, will also be greeted.


The exhibition displays the oeuvre of two sculptors: father and son. Almost 130 sculptures will be shown form the Cluj-born Jenő Szervátiusz and Tibor Szervátiusz in the representative sculpture-hall and adjacent rooms of the Műcsarnok to visitors.

The art of Jenő Szervátiusz, who died in 1983, was focused on the region of his birthplace and exuded his love of Hungarian culture. His calling and commitment to the fate and future of the Hungarian people is shared by his son.

The summer exhibit of the Műcsarnok will display the sculptures of Jenő Szervátiusz from the collection of the Art Museum of Cluj, as well as the monumental works of Tibor Szervátiusz. His masterwork, the Dózsa sculpture, entitled On fiery throne, from the collection of the Hungarian National Gallery and the rarely exhibited, huge, more the 4 meter high Christ of Kolozsvár will also be included. More than 80 works will arrive from the workshop of Tibor Szervátiusz: a gigantic andesite portrait of the poet Endre Ady and a bronze portrait of the writer and public figure Dezső Szabó. A number of works representing the national poet Sándor Petőfi will be exhibited, e.g. alongside the ones arriving from his workshop, a sculpture entitled Ispánkút from the collection of the Petőfi Literary Museum. The roundrock portrait of the writer Zsigmond Móricz from the National Gallery and its sandstone pair, the Napisten lánya (The daugher of the Sun God) will be displayed. The large masterworks will be accompanied by the smaller and more intimate carvings and casts and a slideshow presenting their public sculptures.

Although the works of Jenő and Tibor Szervátiusz have been exhibited in a number of major European cities, a comprehensive exhibitions has not been held for many decades. Our present exhibition is probably the most comrehensive and extensive ever produced. It includes the latest works of Tibor Szervátiusz, and unifies many pieces for the first time from public collections in Cluj and Budapest.




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