ARCHIV | Exhibition by the Students of the Applied Art Department, Sopron University

The series organised in Műcsarnok#Box, which introduces the various institutions of university art education, was launched more than a year ago. After the universities of Eger and Pécs, the László Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) and Budapest Metropolitan University (METU), the next exhibition will feature the Institute for Applied Arts (AMI) of the University of West Hungary in Sopron. Sculptor and medallist Tamás Soltra E., the curator of the exhibition, will present his analysis of form foundation course – which is attended by the students of the architecture, design and graphic art departments – and the ‘archive’ that has been built during the course. The exhibition titled ARCHIVE showcases a collection of workshop pieces, documenting the tactile journey of coming up for air that was taken by AMI in art education in Sopron in the past two decades. ARCHIVE is organised simultaneously with the National Salon of Industrial Art and Design: because of this overlap the material from Sopron will not focus on summing up the past and presenting the results but on the anonymous beginnings and the road travelled together. The sculptures in the glass cases are like fossils stored in a virtual fluid, evoking the spirit of old chemistry and biology cabinets and classes, where a contemplative inner dialogue can form with the visitors.


2017. March 15. - May 14.


2017. March 5. - March 26.
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2017. April 7. - June 4.
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