What inspires a young artist to build a rose window paraphrase out of light or to make  a photo album with hundreds of portraits using a manual scanner? To paint his own comics heroes on a unique installation or to mould four letter soap words?

Works shown at the Shortcut Exhibition present the results of the autonomous art and applied art education offered at the Visual Arts Institute of the Eszterházy Károly University. The Institute offers his own specialized alternative in visual arts education beside the fields traditional centers.

The unifying feature behind the works of former and current students is the ease with which they cross the bounderies of the different media forms. For them design is the paramount form of contemporary visual culture. This is the true foundation of their work: in doing typography redefined as stencil, in creating installations to enhance graphic design and image or in implementing an interactive sociological behaviour generator.

In the dark and light rooms of the Műcsarnok/Box you can see meditative installations, video art, characteristic generated and illustrative graphics, and unique conceptual photographic projects.

 curator: Lajos Csontó


LÉGVONAL / SHORTCUT Műcsarnok/Box, 2016.

2016. January 27. - April 3.


2015. November 5. - 2016. January 31.
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In the workshop of Lajos Csertő

2016. February 25. - April 17.
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