The section THE SILHOUETTE OF THE FUTURE of the COVER /// AGE | 2nd National Salon of Architecture is shown in Kőszeg until 30 March 2020

In 2019 Műcsarnok attracts 22,930 visitors at the COVER /// AGE | 2nd National Salon of Architecture. The section entitled THE SILHOUETTE OF THE FUTURE is shown in Kőszeg between 20 September 2019 and 30 March 2020. The Kőszeg Perspective Exhibition, maintained by the Institute of Higher Education, will be added to the theme unit presented at the exhibition.

The link between the present and the future is the young generation. They are experiencing the problems of the present, but in twenty to thirty years they will face quite different challenges. The diploma plans and proposals for foreign competitions presented at the exhibition are examples of thinking that transcends stereotypes. However, any vision for the future must be an integral part of the past, of tradition. The Creative City, Sustainable Countryside (KRAFT) program is also a responsibility to build on and build on the past, but also a sense of responsibility for the future. One of the aims of the KRAFT program in the redevelopment of the Kőszeg building is the facilitation of co-operation, community building, and the promotion of random encounters. One of the tasks of such spatial planning today is not only to meet a direct functional need, but to re-frame community, social and organizational culture. Today, architects not only design brilliant, innovative buildings, but also build bridges between processes, people and spaces (including existing historical spaces). They want to, unintentionally, connect disciplines, rewrite hierarchies, turn cultures and different social groups together.


The joint exhibition of Műcsarnok and FTI-IASK will be on display in the Zwinger Old Tower until March 30, 2020 in Kőszeg.


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