Visitors to fine art exhibitions, fairs and galleries all over the world have been witnessing for several decades a shift in the direction of the broader horizons of art. In the course of this, parallel to the rise of non-traditional genres, we can experience an artistic appreciation towards naive, primitive and visionary artists, autodidact painters and participants of creative therapies. As a stage of the process, following numerous professional introductions, the Dorottya Gallery is presenting to the general public at its December exhibition the art-therapy workshops functioning in the National Psychiatric and Neurological Institute.
For years now within the framework of workshops conducted by professional fine and applied artists in different genres - painting, graphics, textile and ceramics - extraordinarily exciting works showing an individual outlook have been produced as a result of the liberating and curing effects of creativity. A part of the compositions will enrich the renowned collection of the Psychiatric Museum that dates back to the 1900s but the exhibition should certainly be of interest to the circle of art collectors and art lovers too.
2003. December 9. - 2004. January 3.

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