For this exhibition different styles of dinner services of the last 150 years will be shown on one giant sized table. Visitors can take a long journey in time and space following Herend porcelain tea, coffee and dinner services of the last century and a half. The characteristic motifs of various ages appear before us: historic motifs, baroque and rococo flower garlands, which in the 19th century were still the definitive decorative features of the tableware of the nobility. We discover the wonderful Hungarian art nouveau motifs as well as the experiments in the 50s and 60s towards functionalism, before reaching the 21st century.

The forms and patterns have kept the freshness of past ages and the brilliant, refined technical execution. The opulent Herend painting, rich in detail, offers spiritual refreshment in the modern world. The richly decorated surfaces enjoy the renaissance of miniature painting, as centuries old stylistic elements return in new creations.
The exhibition shows the classics of the Herend treasure trove of designs, but also previously unseen porcelain.

Glassware and cutlery are important accessories in laying a table. On the table exhibited here they merely serve as complementary background and uniform, neutral objects have been used deliberately.
The exhibition consists of integral but separate work by seven contemporary industrial designers at Herend. Besides the Herend Studio, established in the 1980s, we introduce four young designers who show work designed and created in 2003: experiments, studies and individual pieces which are for sale.

There is a catalogue to go with the exhibition.
2003. November 30. - 2004. January 11.

Ernst Museum

2003. November 26. - November 30.
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