MEO ART FAIR 2003 - Contemporary art exhibition and fair

On the second occasion, the ART FAIR 2003 of the MEO - Contemporary Art Collection has opened and remained on view for four full days, as Hungary's most important contemporary art exhibition and fair, providing the most complete picture of today's state of the art: on contemporary art and the art trade.
Works of the following five artists from this season's exhibition programme were selected to represent the Dorottya Gallery at the MEO Art Fair 2003: Gyula Baditz, Gyula Konkoly, József Szurcsik, Zsolt Vásárhelyi and Ildikó Zsemlye.

This selection at the same time projects the Dorottya Gallery's programme for the near future. The primary task of the gallery is still considered the presentation of the works of artists of the middle generation of contemporary Hungarian art. The inclusion of younger, talented artists at the start of their career, alongside the artist generation with an already significant past, still wishes to colour more vividly the exhibition programme. From among the better-known artists, it is still primarily their newest works, as well as those that are unexpected and surprising, that the gallery strives to present. From among the younger artists, the gallery continues to select more interesting, promising, high-quality works primarily from those artists who manifest an original voice and a coherent artistic oeuvre.
2003. November 26. - November 30.

Gallery Dorottya

2003. November 18. - December 6.
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