The Lajos Vajda Studio of Szentendre celebrates the 30th anniversary of its foundation in 2002.

The curators of the exhibition: Tihamér Novotny; Éva Gelencsér Rothman; Péter Orosz Opening: September 4., 2002, 7 pm
Opening speech: Dr. Katalin Keserü, director of Ernst Museum
Program: Uropera / Spaceoper (a happening of Space-harmonics)

Exhibited artists:
Agócs, Attila (1941-2000); Aknay, János; Almási, Gertrúd; Balogh, István Vilmos; Bán, Miklós; Benkovits, Balázs; Benkovits, Bálint; Bereznai, Péter; Bernáth/y/, Sándor; Bernáth/y/, Zsigmond; Borgó, György Csaba; Bukta, Imre; Csajka, Gábor Cyprian; Csontó, Lajos; Frózsi-Nánássy, Tibor; Gosztola, Gábor; Gubis, Mihály; Gyorffy, Sándor; Haász, István; Holdas, György; Imre, Mariann; Imreh, Tibor; Iványi, Norbert (1950-2001); Joláthy, Attila (1927-1998); Kis Tóth, Ferenc; K. Kovács, Imre (1944-2002); Kótai, Tamás; Krizbai, Sándor; Lois, Viktor; fe Lugossy, László; Mikó F., László, Mosonyi, Kiss Gusztáv; Nagy, Barbara; Margit, Szabolcs; Matyófalvi (Matyó), Gábor (1947-1998); Oláh, Mátyás; Pacsika, Rudolf; Reha, György; Selényi, Károly István; Szirtes, János; Sz. Varga, Ágnes (Kabó); Tóth, István; Ungár, Ágnes; Vincze, Ottó; Wahorn, András; ef Zámbó, István.

The Palace of Art will honour the occasion by hosting a monumental jubilee exhibition, with retrospective and contemporary sections alike. The Lajos Vajda Studio earned a special place among the neo-avant-garde art groups of Hungary: a neo-romantic passion and the cult of individuality, daring spontaneity coupled with an improvising spirit, scandals with neo-Dadaist reminiscences and the rock-new-wave culture have all formed part of their art, along with the re-thinking of the progressive traditions of Szentendre and the application of surrealist, expressionist, constructionist and neo-primitive methods of creation. Their worldview and artistic work are simultaneously characterized by visual and conceptual absurdity, a sensitivity for social grotesque and irony and the use of creative survival techniques and attitudes. Since its foundation, the Lajos Vajda Studio took part in countless international and Hungarian exhibitions; it organized numerous concerts, actions and performances, and also produced records and made several successful movies. Works by its artists have been purchased by several museums as well as a growing circle of private collectors. The compositions of 46 artists will be shown at the Palace of Art´s exhibition, based on a consistently thought-through historical and analytical concept, with the artworks, the manifestoes and the selected documents of thirty years arranged in chronological order, focusing on the main iconographical and conceptual nodal points.
2002. September 5. - October 6.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2002. September 4. - September 18.
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2002. September 25. - October 10.
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