Jozef Suchoža: Interface

Slovakian sculptor Jozef Suchoža (1978) lives in Borsi (Borša) and teaches at the art academy of Besztercebánya (Banská Bystrica). After participating in numerous exhibitions, he is now appearing with his first large-scale solo exhibition, through which he wishes to present a summary of his oeuvre thus far.

The theme of this exhibition is the road. Not the easy stretches that we routinely travel but rather those uncertain passages that we can only get through by taking a risk, as time urges us on. In other words, the subject of the show is crossing over and its rites. The installations displayed in five successive spatial units are presented in a non-narrative sequence, yet we know exactly where, which part of the road, we are at, since we are personally experiencing it. Dream and reality are sometimes inseparable as we are passing through the dark and light stretches. Transitions also function as returns. Guided by the arrangement of the exhibition space, we eventually return back to the starting point, and – despite it all – are lent strength. Jozef Suchoža’s exhibition adds a new colour to the palette of Central European art.

Curator: András Bán


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Jozef Suchoža: Interface

Jozef Suchoža: Határvidék
2017. September 6. - November 12.
2017. September 6. - November 12.
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