Tarkovsky: The Mirror of Memories

The exhibition The Mirror of Memories tells the story of how Andrey Tarkovsky’s autobiographical film The mirror was created. Many images of the film were composed by using the old family photographs from the beginning of the last century. Those photographs of the dear ones, familiar places, historical moments of the country constitute a precious photographic archive passed by his parents to Andrey Tarkovsky as an authentic and spiritual heritage of the family.

The collection consists of more that 500 photographs and glass negatives from the thirties mostly taken by Lev Gornung, a famous Russian photographer and friend of the poet Arseniy Tarkovsky, director’s father. An accurate choice of 60 restored and reprinted photographs guides the spectator through the world of artist’s reminiscences and dreams, together with the images from the film set where the people and the memories are incarnated into the actor’s figures and scenography – a spiritual journey through the life and work of the great artist, two categories that he always considered to be undividable.

Curator: Andrey A. Tarkovsky





2017. November 8. - December 10.

Kunsthalle Chamber Hall

2017. October 4. - October 30.
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