Guided tour in English of Imre Benkő’s exhibition by Vivien Boronyák

Guided tour in English of the True Visions – Imre Benkő’s Subjective Documentary exhibition by Vivien Boronyák


Vivien Boronyák is an art manager with more than a decade of professional experience in photography as the project manager of the Hungarian House of Photography – Mai Manó House and the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center. She currently works as a freelance art manager, strategically and creatively supporting artists and developing her own art projects.

Imre Benkő was one of her first encounters in the realm of Hungarian photography with his compelling oeuvre. Their acquaintance has evolved over the years, from initial preparatory collaborations for exhibitions to a professional friendship, with Vivien also serving as a translator for Imre's past three albums. "Dedication, thoughtfulness and humanity. Imre Benkő is an iconic figure of Hungarian documentary photography, with his long-term photo-essays and characteristic black-and-white compositions instructive about the world of Hungarian and universal photojournalism. However, it is his personality and the persona revealed through his photographs that truly defines his work for me. Seeing him work in the 40°C heat during the Sziget Festivals or as he was arranging his photo albums allowed me to learn about his humble approach to looking, observing, and recording – with the camera in his hand but not even necessarily through the lens." (Vivien Boronyák)



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