Pécs Airport

Opening: Tuesday, 4 May 2016, 5 pm

Pécs Airport

It is not accident that in 2010 Pécs was cultural capital of Europe. A vibrant cultural life, several theatres and a concert hall, the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, a ballet company, an colourful literary and art scene, and a huge university confirm that Pécs is one Hungary’s most important cultural cities.

The Faculty of Music and Visual Arts at the University of Pécs covers a broad spectrum of art education, and the Doctoral School of Arts provides an excellent environment for its scholars, building on its international university and art relations. Art training in Pécs offers a complex, multifaceted visual education and way of thinking. In graphic art, painting, sculpture and the media arts it melds classical knowledge with the various forms of intuition, personal expression. The situations and exercises it creates draw on 20th and 21st-century Hungarian and European art practices, as well as, naturally, the direct experience of the students. There are no expected “best practices” in this dialogue – the basic nature of dialogue being freedom.

An important element of art education in Pécs is that there is no single style, concept or trend that shapes the image of the school. It has no wish to follow current or seemingly successful artistic trends, because the personality, skills and capabilities of the student are the main priority.

 Curator: Péter Somody


2016. May 4. - June 12.


2016. April 23. - June 26.
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